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First impressions are incredibly important. Once someone has formed their oppinion of you or your brand it’s really hard to change that. From a business stand point that is your design. We will amaze your clients and make you smile!


Your website is just one of your products, and it’s incredibly important. 90% of people will bounce if your website doesn’t load fast enough or is hard to use. Our developers will make your website be the best in the business. You can sleep well knowing you won’t lose clients!


Most products, projects and dreams that had a good production start failed because of bad marketing. People won’t just magically discover your product and fall in love with it, you need to make them love it. We will make you stand out with creative marketing and smart targeting! .

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It takes real courage to rely on someone else to realize your vision. Maybe you heard of people that hired freelancers/agencies that did a terrible job, were late, and/or sucked, which caused them to lose time, money and even their job. Maybe you had a bad experience too, and that’s why we invest a lot of time and energy in communication. It’s better to spend half an hour longer talking about the project to understand you better, than trying to rush it and do a mediocre job. By doing this we can guarantee a job well done!

You will be amazed by our hard work, creativity and experience. Every step of the way we will work on your project as if it was our own business. We will go trough the milestones and present you with our product - changes are always accepted and welcomed. We can work by your directions or use our creativity and let the magic happen.

Your product will ALWAYS be delivered on time and with the desired specifications. Any changes will always be approved first by you and we guarantee satisfaction. After a quick revision of the work completed we can pronounce the project finished!

Every job well done deserves a drink! What do you like? Have you ever tried Serbian Beer or Rakia? If not you don’t know what drinking is. But we should have a Skype beer party

Bill Gates

"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business."

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Milan Bugarski

Web Developer

Isidora Marinkov

Graphic Designer

Ivan Janku

Marketing and Copywriting

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